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Who’s Dr. Marco Paret?

Dr. Marco Paret is the founder and Director of the ISI-CNV International Institute for NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), Hypnosis, NCV (Non Verbal Communication), Leadership and Coaching.

Dr. Marco Paret’s Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Marco Paret graduated at Turin’s University, in Italy. Fascinated by the psychological underlying dynamics that rule corporate business, human relations, and society in general, he has undertaken specialization in the new frontiers of apllied psychology by training with the leading experts in the field.

When Marco Paret finally discovered NLP and hypnosis, he immediately realized the potentials that the combination of these two disciplines offered, and since then he never ceased investigating them and bringing his personal contributions in the field. Dr. Paret is an NLP Master Trainer.

Dr. Paret has studied in depth linguistics, as a fact his passion for this field led him to speak fluently various languages as well as achieving a good grasp of many others. Dr.Paret comfortably speaks english, french, german, and — less fluently — spanish, russian, polish and czech. Marco Paret also studied the grammar and the linguistic structure of many other languages, among them: classical arabic, dutch, classical and vulgar latin, greek, ancient french, sanskrit and other languages and dialects less known, or even dead.

This skill in penetrating languages of Dr.Marco Paret contributed to render him a fine knower of the subtle relation that exists between language, grammatical and syintactic structure and thought — essential for the development of new NLP patterns and paradigms.

Dr. Marco Paret has in fact developed a whole set of new patterns that interweave hypnotic communication techniques with NLP. Also, he has conduced an in-depth study of the Enneagram and its applications in a modern perspective.

He has also developed a new didactic method for teaching languages which differs from that of classical suggestopedy.

Inspired by hydden-traditions, he has also created various interesting modellings, the most significant of them being the Eneagramm sensory-based model (Instant Enneagram) and the techniques pertaining states-of-consciousness.

Along the years, Dr. Paret has held many conferences in the USA as well as other countries, thus meeting most of the leading american hypnotists. He has been often invited to italian television shows as an expert in hypnosis and NLP.

Marco Paret has held high quality training in many italian cities and holds an agreement with an important national trade union (SINAPE, the sole and biggest union for emerging professions) for the conduction of workshops regarding hypnosis and NLP aimed at training professionals. At present he runs, behind commision from the Regional Secretary, this activity in the area of Turin city and is responsible for the diffusion of the subjects he teaches.

Dr.Paret is President of the Association “Programmazione Neurolinguistica”, and has conceived and developed the new professional figure of “expert in non-verbal communication with specialization in graphology”, which has been admitted in the county of Lombardia as a rank in the working career — as a fact, he has created a totally new professional field.
The Association “Programmazione Neurolinguistica” has also been inserted in the CNEL list of associations most representative of the emerging professions yet to be recognized.

Dr. Paret and the ISI-CNV Institute

Marco Paret founded ISI-CNV (International Institute for NLP and Hypnosis) in 1992. The life of the Institute distinguishes itself by the many successes both in the field of training as well as in that of research. In fact, Marco Paret is the ideological father of NLP-3, the new paradigm of advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Years of tight cooperation among the trainers of ISI-CNV lead to the birth of a research-team that has now developed in an official institution: the ISI-CNV Center for Research, founded in 2004.

Dr. Marco Paret’s Credentials

Marco Paret personally represents NFNLP (the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Psychology, USA) and NVH (Non Verbal Hypnotism, the bigger and oldest organisation of hypnotherapists in the USA) in Italy and France.

In the field of NLP, doctor Paret has achieved the title of “Trainer of the year” from the prestigious american organisation NFNLP.

Dr.Marco Paret is member of the french syndicate of psychotherapists, as well as an officially recognized (from the french Ministry of Labor) trainer for psychotherapists. In Nice (French Riviera) he directs the ISI-CNV International Institute, and he works as a psychotherapist. Also in Nice, Dr.Paret owns an agreement-protocol for the coordination of the campus of two american academical institutes (each recognized in its respective State of belonging). Also in Nice, doctor Paret has organized one of the first international meetings in the field of neurolinguistic psychology

In the field of Coaching, Dr. Paret has organized the International NLP-3 Coaching Conference, which took place in Nice in July 2004, and which lead to the formulation of an agreement-protocol for the field of Coaching.

The task of research and development of new fields is still going on at present...

Dr. Marco Paret’s Official Offices

Founder of the ISI-CNV International Institute for NLP and Hypnosis

Director of ISI-CNV Center for Reserch

Non Verbal Hypnotism’ representative for Italy and France

NFNLP’s representative for Italy and France

Board Member of NLP Consortium

Member of the International NLP-3 Coaching Conference Panel

Publishing Director of the e-zine NLP-3 Bulletin

Member of the scientific committee of the Euro-Asiatic International University

Manager of the international campaign NLP-4-All for the diffusion of NLP-3

Partner of NLP London

Director di PROXIMA

Vicepresident of OISM — Osservatorio Italiano Salute Mentale

Member of Anthropos, an association for the study of Humanistic Medicine

How To Contact Dr. Paret

In order to contact doctor Marco Paret you can send him an email at the address given below, or you can phone him and speak to him directly.